16mm & Super 8mm Filmmaking Workshops

In partnership with Union Docs and MIX NYC

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All workshops @ UnionDocs, 322 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Instructor: Megan Hess

Course fee: $144.70

Film/Lab fee: $30


Presented with MIX NY and Allied Productions


Intro to Personal 16mm Filmmaking

This 4-session class will introduce you to the basics of 16mm filmmaking. You will gain

an elementary knowledge of the Bolex camera and light meter, analog editing, and

visual storytelling. Each student will create their own 3-minute personal film exploring

an idea, feeling, notion or thought utilizing the tools of cinema.

Introduction to Super 8 Filmmaking:

Yesterday is Today

This 4-session class will introduce the basics of making a 3-minute black & white Super8 film. In

learning the language of film each student will document something that grips them about their life

right now. Playing on the nostalgic feeling super-8 film conjures for most viewers we will attempt to

create short films that display the sweetness of today through the lens of yesteryear.

Megan Hess is a personal filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BA from Emerson College and Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her work ranges from experiments in celluloid to documentaries about travel and non-traditional living. She’s also fond of making silly youtube videos, stop motion animations and film-based art installations.

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