LPV TV – Episode 4

Episode 4: Art Exhibitions

This week we focus on art exhibitions that have stimulated the garden space. Beginning with 2003 “The Thickening Place” sound installation & concert by Paul Hogan during “CAMP” exhibition and then we chat with Ian Pedigo about his roving “Variable Plot”. Then it gets hot and steamy as we enter “Overhead Underground: Reimagining the Faerie Landscape” curated by Derek Jackson with more than a dozen artists as Ragas for Peace – Bill Buchen & Alok Dutt ease our minds & bodies. HEX gives vision to works expressing our contemporary nightmares, fears and paranoia! October 2003 & 2004 takes us into the world of “The Wailing Wall” by Kembra Pfahler and “ReCycles of Life” with Jennifer Paul & Naz Shahrokh. Fast forward to 2005 and UuDam Nguyen & his L.E.D. Installations “THINKING ROCK + Love Bubbles + Honey.” Finally we return to 2002 and our first exhibition “Dogwoods under the Berry Moon” in cooperation with Visual AIDS. Our Thanks to Manhattan Neighbourhood Network for their support for LPVTV. Help SAVE Public Access TV. Go TO http://www.mnn.org for details.

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