LPV TV – Episode 5

Episode 5: Performance

Highlights the performances of a few of the outrageous & the sublime gracing Petit Versailles’s stage & garden! Psycick Slutz – “The Once and Future Whore” , a ritual performance to heal the split of sex and spirit, in which we honor and embody sacred whores throughout time. We’re radical queer genderfucky cabaret style sex positive musical theatre tuffgrrls. Our performance incorporates theatre, ritual, kink, martial arts, movement, spoken word, a capella singing with percussion, humor, improv, and some audience participation. Living Room Living Room is Arturo Vidich, Lily Skove, Aki Sasamoto A site-specific living installation for three performers investigating definitions of domestic spaces, and the dichotomy between private and public arenas, such as a privately owned garden that people can look into from the street. The performers use their bodies as a medium, interfacing with their surroundings, their minds following along for the ride. Steve Sandberg & Reinaldo Cotia Braga – Transcendent Music & Dance / Mime. and from 2002 – Beyond Bollywood ! curated by Miss Kelly Webb. MANGINA – beyond description!!! DanceTube – “River of Blood” with peter cramer, andy hamlen ,brian mcphee, wells pollack, carlo quispe jack waters & mara Zusman. body painting by GRRRR.

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