Allied Productions Logo

Allied Productions, Inc. is a not-for-profit arts umbrella organization founded in 1980. We are an entirely artist-run multi-purpose entity that fosters community building through the collective process. We present, produce, and sponsor all areas of the arts, including the activities of individuals, groups, and organizations.

In the past, Allied helped give a start to pioneering non-profits like ABC No Rio. Recently, Allied’s main project has been the development and maintenance of Le Petit Versailles Community Garden. After fourteen years of work, Allied has transformed what was formerly an abandoned lot left in the wake of a demolished auto-body chop-shop into an extraordinary community garden and multipurpose arts space. For nearly ten years, Le Petit Versailles has been home to countless art exhibitions, performances, readings, film screenings, and more.

Allied Productions facilitates community and communication between many different artists and organizations. Among our ongoing New York City organizational associates are The Film Makers Cooperative, Mix NYC, ABC No Rio, Rain Forrest Relief, Gartenberg Media Enterprises, Inbred Hybrid Collective, and AIDS Data Treatment Network. Out of town affiliates include The Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation (Philadelphia), Parasol Project (Tucson), and Frise Art Collective (Hamburg, Germany).