APRIL 27 – WRRQ COLLECTIVE DECOLONIZE ICP (International Center for Photography)

Saturday, April 27 from 5-7pm
at the American Indian Community House
39 Eldridge St, 4th Floor ~ Lower East Side

Allied will present on the history of the Essex Crossing site regarding our history with ABC No Rio and the CoLab Real Estate Show

Later this year, the International Center of Photography will become the cultural flagship of Essex Crossing, a billion-dollar development on highly contested land, widely viewed as a force of gentrification in the Lower East Side and Chinatown. Just a few blocks away, the American Indian Community House (AICH) will soon be displaced by gentrification for the third time in 7 years.

While ICP itself is not the root of AICH’s problem, its arrival nearby represents a wave of change long resisted by long-term residents of the community. As many people consider what decolonization means in NYC today, the displacement of NYC’s local Native American community gathering site opens up conversations about land, space, real estate, capitalism, artwashing, the role of cultural institutions and imagery — and what reconciliation could look like in 2019.

This conversation is open to all who wish to grapple with these ideas and take action towards collective liberation. Please spread the word!

Organized by the WRRQ Collective in solidarity with Decolonize This Place. More info on upcoming actions at the Whitney / 9 Weeks of Action here.

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