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2013: A Year To Remember

December 2013 YEAR END HIGHLIGHTS ALLIED PRODUCTIONS, INC. HOME PAGE | LE PETIT VERSAILLES| STORE | DONATE 2013: A Year To Remember We are UNIQUE as a100% artist-run multi-purpose umbrella arts service organization! Great advances were made as  2013 marked the 32nd anniversary of the founding of Allied Productions, Inc.  We’ve come a long way since our beginning. Like most arts organizations, AIDS took a great toll on us. Having [...]

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS Extended to 4/21/14 DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 21th, 2014     SUBMIT ALL REQUESTED INFO AND SEND TO Our Email: OR Our Postal Address: P.O. Box 20260 Tompkins Square Station New York, NY 10009 GIVE YOUR PRIMARY CONTACT INFO: FIRST NAME________________ LAST NAME_________________ GROUP NAME_______________ EMAIL_____________________ STREET ADDRESS___________________________ CITY_____________ STATE/REGION___________________ ZIP OR POSTAL CODE ___________________ [...]

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Jack Waters in collaboration with John Michael Swartz and the creative team of Daniel Belquer  Peter Cramer  André Azevedo Carlo Maria Ampil and Ricardo Horatio Nelson invite you to join us for “PESTILENCE” IN PROCESS Exhibition -Performance- Concert- Public Forum Open studio showing of a developing opus A Unique Experiment in Production: A Synthesis of [...]

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hi tiger WILL PERFORM AFTER THE OPENING OF NOT OVER: 25 YEARS OF VISUAL AIDS Hi Tiger (Erica, Cory, Derek and Roy) was formed in August 2010. Like an accident you slow down to look at, they have been referred to as Art Punk, serious business of tragedy, and glamorous sex machines. Hi Tiger’s debut [...]

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Garrin Benfield returned to Le Petit Versailles for a repeat engagement after his very successful LPV debut in the Summer of 2011. His music is a blend of moody, guitar-driven rock and polyrhythmic groove all run through the filter of a very serious Singer/Songwriter—Benfield himself.

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