Platform 2016: The Zine Project

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters participate as the collective Allied Productions for
Danspace Project Platform 2016: Lost and Found
on October 17 & 18 with a public event 10/18 @ 7pp
at Arts On Site (12 St. Mark’s Place).

In trying to “fill out the gap” left by deaths from AIDS, the zine, as a handmade, grassroots object, will serve as a central metaphor for addressing the ephemeral, fragmentary, and affective documents of a generation of artists. Two artist collectives, Allied Productions (October 18) and AUNTS (November 8) will develop zines and related live presentations addressing how each collective’s artistic practices might be in conversation with the reality and aftermath of the AIDS epidemic in the NYC dance and performance community.

During our “mini residency” we will assemble a zine project, offer a dance workshop to reconstruct a dance by Brian Taylor (1957 -1992) as well as host a night of live performances, film screenings, and dialogue.

THE GOAL OF OUR COLLECTIVE is to help facilitate a platform for building a new language for current and future generations; a vocabulary specific to gender queer post corporate pharma experiences born of the epidemic that are independent of, yet informed by, currently dominant narratives of AIDS/HIV.

Contributors to zine and night of performance include:
(list in formation) – * Live presentation 10/18.
Bizzy Barefoot
Peter Cramer *
Darnell Davis
Walter Dundervill
Douglas Dunn * – Excerpt from Aubade (2014)- Duet danced by Paul Singh and Chris Williams
Robert Flynt
Carl George * – Screening fIlm excerpt from “6 Feet: Dancers I Know and Love”
Stephan Georgiou
Mimi Gross
Geoffrey Hendricks * – Talk about artist performer Brian
Andre Hereford
Derek Jackson
Stephen Kent Jusick *
Esther Kaplan
Ryan Lawrence
Ricardo Nelson
Robert Vazquez-Pacheco
Vasilios Papapitsios
Carlo Quispe
Susan Salinger
Ethan Shoshan
Sur Rodney (Sur)
Brad Taylor
Brian Taylor
Jack Waters *
Melissa Wynn

Zine-Making/ Dance Workshop Days:
Oct 17 & 18— Hours – Zine making 12-3pm. Dance workshop 3-5pm
Location: Arts On Site (12 St. Mark’s Place)

Oct 18 eve— 7pm.
Zine distribution date is TBA.

The focus of the project is on the question posed by co-curator Ishmael Houston-Jones – “How is one able to, or can one, explain the pain, confusion, rage, and fear that HIV/AIDS caused a whole generation?” He added that the series will “try to recover the generation of mentors, role models, and muses” who died from the disease. As co-curator Will Rawls describes – “In trying to trace the social and artistic impact of deaths from AIDS, the zine, as a handmade, grassroots object will serve as a metaphor to address the hybrid and fragmentary documents of artists. It also addresses the collective spirit that grounds the longevity of artistic work in New York City.

Peter Cramer and Jack Waters are known for cross disciplinary multimedia works that encompass experimental, non-narrative, documentary and personal history strategies. They’ve exhibited their film works at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The New Museum, London Film Makers Cooperative, Center for Contemporary Culture Barcelona, Anthology Film Archives, and MIX NYC. Their films are distributed by the New York Film_Makers’ Cooperative. Jack & Peter have collaborated for over three decades of international collectivist culture & practice as co directors of ABC No Rio and founders of the non-profit arts umbrella, Allied Productions, Inc., and its community art garden Le Petit Versailles. i-D Magazine called them ” radical queers creating a powerful community through progressive politics, community gardens, wild parties, and colorful performance.”

Acknowledgements and Thanks:
We are grateful to Will Rawls and Ishmael Houston-Jones for initiating the project and inviting us to participate.
Thanks to Lydia Bell and Danspace Project for handling the myriad details and support necessary to bring it to fruition.

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