Beltaine at LPV
Ritual celebration of May Day at LPV:
Gathering starts at noon, Tue, May 1, 2012
The New York Radical Faeries celebrated Beltaine at the Garden with our very own May Pole (and accompanying May Pole dance!) Continuing the success and fun that we all had from last year’s Beltaine celebration, we got our frocks on, decorated the May Pole, and danced and sang and drummed as we circled it with our solemn intents at openness, friendship, love, and spiritual vulnerability. We even showered everyone from up top with nice fuzzy balls to great effect. Even in the middle of the week, we still had critical mass and a swell time!


Faerie Coffee Klatch
Monthly Urban Salon of NYC Faeries:
This monthly urban salon hosted by the NYC Radical Faeries meant a green sanctuary in the midst of our own urbanity where the Faeries could schmooze, minggle, and nuzzle with each other (while sipping coffee!). These intimate, cozy, and sexy events  drew good crowds, both familiar faces and newbies, creating a vibrant and sensuous space for the Fae brethren/sisterhood to reconvene and reconnect. Themes included “Maude” (for icon Bea Arthur) and “SoupKlatch!” (for fashion maven Rudi Gernreich)


Harry Hay Days/LPV Fundraiser
Closing Day Celebration of Harry Hay Days and Fundraiser for LPV with Mx. Justin Vivian Bond:
Sun, Jun 3, 2012, 2 pm
$20 suggested donation – More if you can – less if you must.
Harry Hay Days, a locally-organized celebration of Harry Hay and the Radical Faeries, ended its weekend-long series of events with a salon at LPV that functioned as a fundraiser for this green urban sanctuary. Mx. Justin Vivian Bond performed some of V’s hits. The Garden was definitely jampacked to capacity for this one, and we are ever so thankful for those who came and for everyone who shared their talents!

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