FEBUARY 1 – Peter Cramer & Jack Waters @ Mana Contemporary

Fact, Fiction, Fantasy: Films by Peter Cramer and Jack Waters
Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
3PM Reception
3:15PM Screenings
4:15PM Q&A with Peter Cramer and Jack Waters
In partnership with the Film-Makers’ Cooperative
Jack Waters and Peter Cramer present four films born from their decades-long collaboration in collectivist culture and practice. The two have worked together as filmmakers, performers, activists, archivists, and mentors. They are known for their experimental cross-disciplinary multimedia works that encompass experimental, non-narrative, documentary, and personal history strategies. 
Join Cramer and Waters for a Q&A session following the screenings.
Peter Cramer, Black & White Study, 1990
An exploration of chiaroscuro, nudes, movement, and film techniques in constantly shifting fields of perception. Eroticism and humor highlight an interracial couple engaged in a tableau vivant of opposites and attractions.
Jack Waters, The Male GaYze, 1990
This short presents an individual’s observation of sexuality and power relations between men: a young African American dancer’s reminiscence of his encounter with a famous Dutch choreographer.
Jack Waters and Peter Cramer, Occupy My Ass, Not Iraq, 2006
A gaze at militarism and aggressive impulse through the blurred lens of gender association. An immigrant is lured into an induction as the recruiter’s subconscious back story is revealed in voiceover. With Dom Pirates and Ares Fortuna, and narrated by Veronica Powers.
Jack Waters and Peter Cramer, Introducing Mr. Diana, 1996
A video short documenting the arrival of controversial comic book artist and illustrator Michael Diana—the hottest astral flame to scorch New York City’s creative underbelly.

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