Jeux d’Eau Installation by Nicholas Vargelis

September 25th, 2016 @ 4-6pm
Le Petit Versailles
346 East Houston Street, NYC

“Jeux d’Eau” is an installation by visual artist Nicholas Vargelis consisting of garden hoses and water sprinklers commonly found in suburban yards and implanted as new infrastructure for Le Petit Versailles garden.

The French title “Jeux d’Eau” is translated as water jets or can be literally translated to mean water games. The water jets of Nicholas’ installation form a variety of aesthetic patterns controlled by a central set of valves made accessible for one to play or control the varying constellations of water.

This art work-cum-infrastructure makes visible extending above ground what is usually hidden under city streets: a system overseeing transportation, direction of movement, and administering of quantities. The various sprinklers and other attachments commonly used for watering lawns and plants also mimic public fountain displays.

These different setting of the water displays will serve as a background for shooting a video re-make of a 1950’s experimental film featuring the fountains of an aristocratic garden in Italy.

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