July 12 – August 9, 2018

Opening Reception: JULY 12, 7-9pm

Le Petit Versailles Garden NY NY
346 East Houston Street between Avenues B + C
subways: F – Second Avenue J/M/F – Delancey Street


Garden open hours: Thurs – Sun from 2pm – 7pm

Augmented virtual reality installation

Here is a simple setup:
- open your scene.
- find the BugRegion prefab in the Prefabs folder
- drag it into place
- set the Region size eg:
X Region Size X -1 and Y 1 with Y Region Size X -2 and Y +2
This means the bug will crawl in a region of 2 by 4 meter with the center in the middle.
- You can add and remove bugs if you want and set each minimum and maximum size.
- You can add your own bugs if you like.
- Mix them up..
- Press play. And voila,

Have fun!

“Instead of postapocalyptic angst or fantasies of boosted human capacities, which in his view abet purposes that are more conservative than truly evolutionist, Benjamin Blaquart’s approach to biotechnological hybrids is articulated in ecosystems that are steeped in poetry. Informed by queer theory and speculative fiction, and in particular the writings of Paul B. Preciado and Samuel R. Delany, his work draws both on digital engineering and production techniques and prosthetics materials, from 3D printing to silicone and resin. His objects thus blur the frontiers between sculpture, installation, and prototype, occupying space like autonomous organisms irrigated by fluids and linking together heterogeneous objects such as aquatic plants and micro-screens operated by Arduino.” – Frank Balland

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