Killer Weekend! June 6,7,8


Le Petit Versailles presents

June 7 & 8 Saturday & Sunday

2- 7pm HEARING – A sound installation by ANDREA MONTI

Film Screenings begin @ 9pm

Hearing is a very simple ‘musical’ installation.

The micro simply captures the environment sounds and through the mixer send all directly out to the headphones (that is to people’s ears), so that the listener can hear quite exactly the sounds he would have heard normally, without the earphones. Obviously there will be a delay due to the passage of the audio message through the technical equipment.
In short, people will listen to the environment through the equipment (that is an electric conversion) instead of by their own ears.
No spectacle, no entertainment, no special effects, there’s nothing to sell. It’s something silent, useless, even stupid.

The installation’s simplicity is somehow justified by its preponderance of the concept in relation to the aesthetical shape. In fact it aims to deal with the concepts of reproduction, fake, current metamorphosis of natural into artificial and the consequent substitution.
Is even the green grass going to be substituted? Is there a difference between the sounds you really hear and those you hear in earphones? So what’s the difference between real and virtual, original and copy? The answer is not given.

Hearing is a new project, never realised before, something like a site-specific work. It needs just electricity, people and noises.

About me: My name is andrea monti, I’m 25, italian and I live in Tuscany. In the past I realised and exposed few artworks at contemporary art italian festivals. In that period I collaborated for 1 year with Oliviero Toscani, researching on communication.
At present I write music for films and make experimental videos. I mainly organise film festivals and write reviews on critical cinema journals. Recently I realised a complete retrospective on Guy Debord’s cinematic works in Lucca and Perugia, and a large exposition of Michael Snow’s art and multimedia works. Now working on experimental and expanded european cinema.

June 6 Friday 8pm.

Mobility & Unleashed Power –
A 2 part live video performance

by killer banshee – 
Kriss De Jong & Eliot K D

Mobility – Confabulation on the Experiential Nature of Modern Medicine is about the nature of our interlocking set of experiences with medicine and what it means to live with ongoing chronic, episodic medical issues. Within the structure of this piece we address our different perspectives on the same experience through visual and performative elements that represent our conversation.
This work is developed as improvisational performative video over two channels. Starting with a common pool of material, we develop and interpret our personal views of shared experience. Our perspective disengages from the understood perspective of the TV medical drama and instead explores the personal archive, abstracting our own narrative to convey the sense of the loss of control over time. The Interminable middle: diagnostic hours and days, volumes of paperwork and records, ever present televisions and clocks in waiting rooms, doctors offices and hospital rooms.

Unleashed Power uses found & personal footage and imagery with text pulled from deposition transcripts to examine the history of ACT-UP demonstrations and police violence through the lens of a single incident…the personal violence experienced during the Chicago ACT-UP AMA Demo in June of 1991.

BIOS: killer banshee (Eliot K Daughtry & Kriss De Jong) creates challenging audiovisual art, with a focus on live, projected video works. Intersecting cultural politics, technology and art, they combine material from personal and public archives, forging meanings from the examination of gesture, time, and place. killer banshee frequently collaborates with other artists.

Eliot K Daughtry has worked with video since 1988, when he made works for installation at ARC Gallery and Lower Links in Chicago. He worked professionally at the Center for New Television in Chicago for 4 years, documenting other artists with video and working with video as an art form. All the while, he worked on performances as well, composing scores, and performing regularly. He is finishing an MFA at California College of the Arts this spring.

Kriss De Jong challenges anyone to get in the way of her and her computer. She mastered computer video for Internet and DV production before most video artists knew what random access meant. With deep knowledge of technique, Kriss brings an organic mastery of sound and image to live video. As editor for Killer Banshee Studios, Kriss works magic on videos large & small, and has fine tuned work for short and feature length films from Steakhaus Productions, Sini Anderson and Fly.

Le Petit Versailles, created in 1996 by community neighbors is a GreenThumb garden and a project of Allied Productions, Inc. a non profit arts organization. LPV provides a green oasis for meditation and relaxation dedicated to fostering the interest of all segments of the community in the arts, broadening and enriching the general public through performances, screenings, workshops..

LPV events are made possible by Allied Productions, Inc.,
Citizens for NYC, Green Thumb/NYC Dept. of Parks, Materials for the Arts;
NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, NYC Dept. of Sanitation & NYC Board of Education
Film & Exhibition support from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Additional support, in part, by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.
Support for Hearing is made possible by the Instituto Italiano di Cultura.

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