Make Music NY @ LPV!

JUNE 21, 2017


346 E. Houston St. / 247 E. 2nd St.

Another year, another Make Music NY, the city-wide summer solstice music event of the year! This year, we have THREE ACTS! And they are . . .

2-3 PM – TenderBeasts
4:30 – 5:30 PM – Isle of Klezbos Quartet Special!
8-9 PM – Paul Stephen Ray


TenderBeasts is a solo electronic music project of Jason Malmström. Sonically, the focus is on rhythm and texture (rather than melody, though it is not absent). While there is a great appreciation for the beat and the low-end, there will also be interludes that are more akin to collage and library music. This should make for a seamless set with plenty of ebb and flow. The primary themes explored include repetition, signifiers, and misdirection. This performance will feature an assortment of samplers/sequencers along with analogue synth and drum machine (everything performed live on hardware – no laptops or tablets). While much preparation is done beforehand (selecting sounds and forming a loose framework), the set should develop on its own; allowing for “happy accidents” along the way.


NYC-based ISLE of KLEZBOS approaches tradition with irreverence and respect. The soulful, fun-loving powerhouse all-women’s klezmer sextet has toured from Vienna to Vancouver since 1998. Band repertoire ranges from rambunctious to entrancing: neo-traditional folk dance, mystical melodies,Yiddish swing & retro tango, late Soviet-era Jewish drinking song, re-grooved standards, and genre-defying originals.
Debra Kreisberg, clarinet & sax
Melissa Fogarty, vocals
Shoko Nagai, accordion & keyboards
Eve Sicular, drums | bandleader

MMNY Transport2017

Paul Steven Ray presents TRANSPORT: a multimedia work for electric guitar, digital sound, video, percussion, and words. A meditation on the various methods of escape from the moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day reality. He is joined by Eli Fountain and Raquel Gil.

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