In 2006, LPV TV first broadcast on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, a compilation of footage from the 1999-2005 event seasons at Le Petit Versailles community garden.

Below are excerpts from a few of the episodes of the first season. In the coming year, we aim to prepare a new season of LPV TV, available on MNN, and other internet tubules.

Title Sequence that appears on each episode, with a little extra something at the end.

A non linear trip spanning 2001 – 2005 from Petit Versailles’ Lower East Side location to Amsterdam Holland. The program begins in 2001 when Flowering Dogwood Trees are planted in the garden, dedicated to the lost rescue wokers from the neighboring firehouse on Second Street. We flashback to the events of the previous year viewing the fall of the Trade Towers. Swept into the streets below the rooftop vantage of the gardener’s, the shock of immediacy becomes an international trauma as responses to ensuing war and the 2004 RNC in NYC pervade parks and gardens across the city. Back at LPV the outcry is expressed in multi media projections by Serhat Koksal, a media artist from Istanbul. The episode concludes with a rendition of John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance” by old school borscht belt entertainer Jackie Kaye.

This segment is a collage featuring LPVs early years: the formation of the garden and its programs. Peter describes the struggles gardeners face as then Mayor Guilliani auctioned off public gardens. A segment featuring Shelly Marlow reading reflects a glimmer of hope. We have a glimpse of yoga classes held at LPV against a montage of florals in a garden walk through. We then flash back to an early hearing at City Hall as gardeners from all boroughs petition to save urban gardens. Ingo AKA Grrrr (http://www.grrrr.net) painting the mural in front of the building that flanks the garden. This mural is a view looking west from the Houston side of LPV. A dinner to benefit the garden with friends, neighbors, supporters Philli, Raj Roy, Patrice Lorens, Susan Salinger, Fred Kahl, Mike Diana, Jim Hubbard, Carl George, The show concludes with Brandon Olsen as Lewis Carols Alice singing The Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit

This episode features Cinesonic with DJ Econ and multiple screens by Stephen Kent Jussick. Highlights include Threat (Jules A and Nelson Rockwell). Wells Pollock and Andy Hamlin in their Beyond Bollywood bodypaint (see Dance & Performance episode) give a rundown on garden preservation offer. Madhappy (Mike Ill and Rivka) Tim Doody fire twirling! Audience members Mara Zussman , Aries De la Cruz, Mervyn Mercano, John Fanning, Joe Tullgren, Jason Fleetwood Bolt, Scott Berry, and Pearl hanging out. CEO (Chronic Electronic Orchestra): Teressa Haefele, Avitar, Massa next scene Mara Zussman introduces musical guests Andrew DeAngelo and Be More Naked (Mike Pride, and Yosuke Inaway) at Spettacolo Provalone, a performance by DanceTube at Theater For the New City. The show closes with Kembra Pfahler, Samoa, and the The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black at Deitch Projects Art Parade.

This week we focus on art exhibitions that have stimulated the garden space. Beginning with 2003 “The Thickening Place” sound installation & concert by Paul Hogan during “CAMP” exhibition and then we chat with Ian Pedigo about his roving “Variable Plot”. Then it gets hot and steamy as we enter “Overhead Underground: Reimagining the Faerie Landscape” curated by Derek Jackson with more than a dozen artists as Ragas for Peace – Bill Buchen & Alok Dutt ease our minds & bodies. HEX gives vision to works expressing our contemporary nightmares, fears and paranoia! October 2003 & 2004 takes us into the world of “The Wailing Wall” by Kembra Pfahler and “ReCycles of Life” with Jennifer Paul & Naz Shahrokh. Fast forward to 2005 and UuDam Nguyen & his L.E.D. Installations “THINKING ROCK + Love Bubbles + Honey.” Finally we return to 2002 and our first exhibition “Dogwoods under the Berry Moon” in cooperation with Visual AIDS.

Highlights the performances of a few of the outrageous & the sublime gracing Petit Versailles’s stage & garden! Psycick Slutz – “The Once and Future Whore” , a ritual performance to heal the split of sex and spirit, in which we honor and embody sacred whores throughout time. We’re radical queer genderfucky cabaret style sex positive musical theatre tuffgrrls. Living Room Living Room is Arturo Vidich, Lily Skove, Aki Sasamoto A site-specific living installation for three performers investigating definitions of domestic spaces, and the dichotomy between private and public arenas, such as a privately owned garden that people can look into from the street. The performers use their bodies as a medium, interfacing with their surroundings, their minds following along for the ride. Steve Sandberg & Reinaldo Cotia Braga – Transcendent Music & Dance / Mime. and from 2002 – Beyond Bollywood ! curated by Miss Kelly Webb. MANGINA – beyond description!!! DanceTube – “River of Blood” with peter cramer, andy hamlen ,brian mcphee, wells pollack, carlo quispe jack waters & mara Zusman. body painting by GRRRR.

LPVTV Episode 6 highlights & focuses on film, video & digital makers that seduce, delight and educate our audiences at Petit Versailles garden! This week we present Barbara Hammer’s May 2005 presentation of “History Lessons”, MM Serra’s Avant Garde(n) curation ” The Beast Within” for Howl Festival 2004, our internet chat and viewing of webworks by Shirin Kouladjie 2003 & Katrina del Mar’s 2005 NYFA Artists and Audiences presentation of her videos GANG GIRLS & SURF GANG.