A three part opus on the theme of culture in all senses. Using disease as a metaphor for development, dissolution, and universal change.

Pestilence project description for Indiegogo campaign, 2013. Featuring Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, and Carlo Maria Ampil.

Documentation of Allied’s contribution to HPSCHD @ EYEBEAM, 2013. Featuring visual elements by Andre Azevedo, John Michael Swartz, Jack Waters, and Peter Cramer. Elements developed for subsequent Pestilence iterations.

Pestilence is an operatic cycle of three full length performance works mixing dance, oratory, chorus and media driven narrative.

The structure of the epic is cyclical, with each segment circling back into itself with developmental variations on each return.

Part 1. Beginning with life in it’s simplest state: the single cell organism. we transition from complex life forms to the early development of social organization,

Part 2. Witnesses the establishment of the nation state, war and international coalitions through the advent of the industrial age.

Part 3. Digital age biochemical engineering, and the end of culture as we know it.

The first phase of the concept development was a collaboration between Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, Marc Arthur, and Inbred Hybrid Collective. “Pestilence” recently entered its current phase introducing composers, writers and visual designers to the process. This phase is driven by the narrative created by Jack Waters in residency at Yaddo.

The second phase involved further development at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, Italy. Further audio/video experimentations happened thanks to a Harvestworks Residency, which created elements that were later used for HPSCHD @ EYEBEAM. All these developments culminated in a performance/discussion of Pestilence at the Emily Harvey Gallery in Manhattan.

The cycle continues its process . . .