OutSide In 2 – An outdoor art exhibit

September 1 until September 30, 2005

Opening reception Friday, September 16
from 5 pm on, rain or shine
(212) 982-0860 or (212) 475-3174

Avy Claire | Samuel Ernst | Gabriel Feliciano | Christopher Harvey | Cheryl Hendershott | Deborah Holcombe | Gale Jackson | Sherry Johnson | Enrique Leal | Tim Lomas | Jill London | Tim Milk Orange | Patricia Miranda | Michael Moneagle | Paul Nowell | Michael Roman | Elizabeth Riggle | Joe Schactman | Anne F. Staelhelin | Brad Whitermore


Films by Marguerite Paris
Marguerite Paris has been making utterly uncompromising and principled films since the 1960s. She has filmed most of her work on Regular 8 and then optically-printed it on 16mm for presentation.
Program will include:
WTC – A Perspective** (1992)
Burma Road (1979)
1970 Gay Pride March (1970/1988)
Haitian Initiation (1989)


an evening of queer music videos
riffRAG presents an evening of queer music videos. Although some of these works are not strictly classified as “music video,” music and sound play crucial parts in their narrative, underlining and enhancing their meaning. They don’t illustrate; they illuminate.

Bro, the Boss said it best when he droned, “57 channels and nothing on.” Even the new all gay, all the time networks Logo and Here cannot satisfy me. Because when I crave something other than yet another documentary about lesbian grandmothers, something more light and whimsical, well, where can I turn to? Not to MTV, where my desire for masculine bodies can only be quenched by bloated frat boys and the T&A belongs to decidedly straight plastic dolls. Nah, I don’t want any of that. Instead, I crave Lucas Michael’s subversive camp in LM2, the sweet punk rock crush of Ji-Sung Kim’s How Fluttering, and the sexy interaction between a young artfag and his Life Drawing mentor in Erica Chough’s School Boy Art.

riffRAG highlights the extraordinary work that emerging artists across the country are creating which often slips under the radar of the art world. The website features artists working in different mediums and contexts who have distinguished themselves through political activism, artistic vision, and creative determination.

Photo top: “Clay”, 2nd: “School Boy Art”


GenderFluXXXors UnCoded: an FTM Supornova
Presented by Tobaron Waxman.

“GenderFluXXXors UnCoded: an FTM Supornova” is a performance lecture by artist Tobaron Waxman (CA) and PhD candidate Eliza Steinbock (USA). This presentation will cover many moments in film/video which had previously been read as ‘Lesbian’, and later read as ‘Drag King’ which could be included in the development of an FTM gaze. The purpose in revisiting these old coup d’oeil, while including works made by FTM/GQ male contemporary artists, is to remind an FTM audience of their image history while simultaneously acquainting them with a cultural diversity that is a contemporary FTM reality. The works by contemporary FTM/GQ artists include a variety of ethnicities, body sizes, and cultural expressions, the unifying element being their sexplicit transmasculine content.

Tobaron Waxman is the recipient of a Franklin Furnace Performance Art Award (2003), and Canadian Arts Council grants (2003, 2005). His videos “True Spirit”, “how long has it been” and “Reverence” have screened internationally. Eliza Steinbock’s PhD dissertation at The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis explores the impact of trans erotics on film philosophy. She is the director of “Pull In” (2003), a portrait of a trans sexual relationship.

Shannon Bell taught in the name of Annie Sprinkle to dedicate ones orgasm. In the spirit of that teaching, GenderfluXXXors Uncoded is dedicated to the memory of the late Chance Ryder, the first “male hermaphrodite pornstar” …a person who was ahead of his time.

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