PETER CRAMER & JACK WATERS Restored Resituated Recalcitrant Regurgitated Regenerated Remnants OR Remnants #6

SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 @ 7:30 PM

Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Avenue, 2B
Brooklyn NY, 11237

As soon as you realize you’ve experienced something it becomes a memory. If you think about doing it again, or think about doing something else, that’s a plan. Most  things you just don’t think about, they just happen. Sex is like that sometimes, sometimes not.

Our minds and feelings  are in a constant state of reordering, reorganizing, reliving. The disorder of dreams. The unruly enslavement of Time. The unshackling of material obligation in the course of biological degradation. The regeneration of desire. Making a mess, cleaning it up and starting all over again. Constructing a fantasy, tearing it apart and beginning again anew. MIX & REMIX until MAXXED. Viral replications and social relations. When life throws you lemons, make lemonAIDS…

A multiple overlapping projection of super8, 16MM, video, slides and digital media as a live immersive interaction. A mashup moving image dance party mix that encases a time capsule circa 1995 while sampling from the present day with contemporary content and in-the-moment live feedback captures of image and dialogue. Footage includes images taken of fountains, churches and museums of Rome, Munich and Heidelberg, footage shot at Gay Pride and ACT UP marches, portraiture and landscape shots, and documentation and media elements from the maker’s performances. REMNANTS is a modular, evolving, morphing site specific work adapting to the conditions and requirements of the situation in which it is executed. Premiered for the Fringe Festival at Abrons Art Center, subsequent iterations include MIX NYC 1995 & 2014.

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