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Saturday OCTOBER 7
7 PM READING – Evan Kennedy & Corrine Fitzpatrick. Celebrate publication of US THEM POEMS!
9 PM SCREENING – Hey-Jeun Jang
“Flickering” 2006 Projection Installation & other Filmworks

Dear Friends and Enemies of Contemporary Poetics,
Times are evil, yet you are beautiful. In order to persevere through the latest round of grisly news, let us turn to fanciful, poetic diversions. I have tried my best with a newly published chapbook, “Us Them Poems,” available from the charming miscreants at BookThug press. It is an admirable venture on their part, slaving and stapling in the caves of Toronto under the radar of Homeland Security.
But who, citizen, is “us”? Who is “them”?
“Us Them Poems” is a series of twenty prose poems about those who carry out a secret agenda and those who all of a sudden and unavoidably find themselves in dissent. Whistle blowers confront bell ringers, spoon benders battle restaurant owners, umbrella makers cast suspicious glances at parasol designers, and seventeen additional moments are pushed to a crisis. As these poems illustrate in a fusion of Donald Barthelme and Gertrude Stein, it has come time to pick sides, as even the yawning and thumb-twiddling are called to take loyalty oaths. “Us Them Poems” is a field guide, a how-to manual, a wartime ration book, a directory of unseen craftsmen overlooked in contemporary American poetics. If war is the destruction of good restaurants, as Pound maintained, “Us Them Poems” is the three course meal that has been prepared, though the shrapnel has yet to be picked out.
So let us pause in our mudslinging and count our tears, though “Us Them Poems” has already done it for you: there are twenty, friend, and each is a tiny (meaningless?) triumph over the machine we’ve wanted to throw our bodies upon.

Artist Statement – Hey-Yeun Jang
My works are about “in-between”. They can be about the world between two blinks of the eyelids, sorrow between two heart-beats, eternity between two foot-steps, or verbal cliché between two breaths. They draw attention to spatial, temporal and dimensional aspects of “in-between”, so my works have ranged from photo, film, sculpture, language, text, performance, installation and drawing. Among a wide range of media, I use film often as a medium to explore because it captures unconscious, unanticipated, fleeting moments for eternity. It enables my thoughts to float and new form and technique to induce a closer approach to the meaning of my work.
Slide projection installation “Flickering (1995~2006)” started with 34 frames of my eye image that was filmed accidentally 11 years ago. 34-frame is less than two-second-length of film when it’s run, but I open up the gap between frames, space between appearing and disappearing and space where presence and absence coexist.
“Flickering” is filmic drawing that is about . The moment the viewer look at it, they are looked by it at the same time. It starts with physical notion and reaches abstract landscape of the mind. It is metamorphosed and expanded from two-second-film to nine minute motionless moving image.
Hey-Yeun Jang is Korea-born, New York based artist. She has exhibited widely in museums in the U.S and abroad. Within last few years her work has been featured at Haus der Kulturen der Welt(Berlin, Germany), Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany), Carrillo Gil Museum (Mexico city, Mexico), Centro Cultural Tijuana(Tijuana, Mexico) , National Museum of Contemporary Museum (Korea), Museum 63 Artist Commune (Hong Kong, China) and Queens Museum (New York, USA). Her film has been screened at Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Anthology Film Archives, Los Angeles County Museum and Berkeley Art Museum. Her exhibition has received many reviews including Art in America, the New York Times, New York Arts, Berliner Zeitung, Stuttgart Zeitung, Taipei Times.

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