FAME AND SHAME – PTM + Blaise – Confessions of a Love Sick Teenager

JULY 30th
Princess Tiny & the Meats ~ Confessions of a Love Sick Teenager: Chronicles of a Young Boy Witch presented with costumes and fashion by Blaise

“Confessions of a Love Sick Teenager” is a gothic fairy tale of unrequited love written by Princess Tiny and the Meats. In this piece they explore what it means to hold on to love thru the darkest time in ones life. In this story love materializes itself through the most beautiful creature that had ever lived and the courtship that never did. Written six months into their transition, this story manifests into a tale about gaining confidence from a place so deep inside and in turn finding out that it never mattered because that place was already dead.  Moved by theater and classic costuming, PTM takes you through this journey with Shakespearean style love poems that will melt your heart and gut wrenching songs that rip it apart.  All to make you feel as they did… once upon a time… in a not so far and distant land.

Blaise presents a collection of living statues entitled “Battle Drag: the Sacred Queer”. The collection imagines the connections between queers and their armor.  The looks are presented as living statues, their garb meticulously hand-crafted out of leather, bone, fur, feathers, muslin, and other natural fibers.

Once upon a time we were all scared, lonely little queers. Once upon a time we all thought we were the only ones. Once upon a time, as our little queer third eyes started flickering open, the first images flashing on our cherry corneas were the stories our default world feeds us—stories of abandonment, stories of plague, stories of scarcity. Stories that began “I’m so sorry, you’re going to have such a hard life…”

As PTM extracts our broken hearts for deeper revelation, in this collection, Blaise makes visible the armor we’ve created to protect our bruised and battered selves. Weaving together Greek, Egyptian and contemporary Pagan iconography, Blaise executes a collection that elevates a reaction of the scared, the wearing of armor, to a particularly queer performance of the Sacred.

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