SEPT 15 – MUSEUM WITHOUT BUILDING: Finissage with Max-Louis Raugel and Aida Rebull

346 E. Houston St. / 247 E. 2nd St.

Curated by Sylvie Boulanger (CNEAI) and Nicholas Vargelis (LPV)
5 – 9 PM

Chapter 3 of the Museum Without Building concludes on September 15th at 5:00 pm with an homage to Yona Freidman composed by Max-Louis Raugel (sound) and Aída Rebull (video) taking the form of a study in abstract details and absurd coincidences, or majestic events clumsily captured around the world.

Museum Without Building is a collaborative and itinerant proposal by Yona Friedman, pioneer of the concepts of mobility and improvisation in architecture: the construction of an architectural structure, open to fonctions, creations, activations, workshops and research. The modules of Yona Friedman also function as “stages” for a living artistic ecosystem.

“Starting in the late 1950’s, I began with the idea of a ‘mobile architecture.’ It was important that the inhabitant and user could be able to design by themselves their own living quarters. This program involved a technique which allowed to easily move all parts of the structure (walls, ceilings, floors) in any position, as simple as moving furniture. The technical solution I proposed was called ‘Spatial City,’ made up of a spatial skeleton: ‘the infrastructure,’ in which living spaces were inserted. This concept was guided by the improvisation of the inhabitants, replacing traditional planning with a process of ‘trial and error’ for both architecture and urban design.” – Yona Friedman, Biosphere, 2018

Museum Without Building is a co-production between Centre Nationale Edition Art et Image (CNEAI) and LPV. Activities related to Museum Without Buildings continue throughout the summer: The Center For Architecture AIA (June 21st and 22nd), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (August 28th), and the Emily Harvey Foundation (September 5th).

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