Summer Nights on Jupiter: New Rituals for New Worlds

Dearest devotees and minions,

Your beloved Sister Poly is moving later this fall to set up a new space-colony further north, closer to her family in Rhode Island. And even though she’s not quite leaving New York behind, in as much as she plans to be in town on a month to month basis if possible, she is taking her mission in new directions and setting up a base of operations in leafier (and more classically New England, slower-paced, less stressful) pastures.

To prepare for her liftoff, we’re hosting a public event at Le Petit Versailles in mid-September on Saturday evening the 17th, closing out our annual Summer Nights on Jupiter series of readings, spoken word, and performances.

The theme, somewhat obvious, is “New Rituals for New Worlds.” As we approach the fall equinox, and as the dear Sister prepares to go colonize the northeast, we’ll kiss the summer of 2016, and one another, goodbye with classic garden party panach.

Our farewell ritual format will include performances to stimulate your souls, snacks and drinks to nourish your bodies, and music you can dance to (to put it all to full use).

Garden opens at 7:30 pm
Shows on stage at 8 and 9 by:

Carlo Maria
Quito Ziegler
Aeliana Nicole Anderson
And more TBD

Dancing at 10 until liftoff after midnight!
Free. BYOB. All are welcome. Please join us.

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