The Silence of Moss: Our Forgotten Mothers from Noelle King

An installation by Noelle King July 8 – August 7th, 2016 @ LPV

Opening: Friday July 8, 2016  7-9pm

Performance: Sunday, July 24 3-4pm

Reading: Wed, August 3, 2016 11am-2pm

Small moss gardens are nestled inside abandoned hubcaps. Translucent paintings of moss, lichens and mitochondria move in the wind, their tiny bells sounding, framing the silence of moss. These represent are our earliest mothers, organisms who transformed themselves again and again to create a possible future for all of us. This installation invites the visitor to recognize their own strength as a continuing gift from their long ago plant mothers.

And in conjunction with the exhibition there will be a “Moss Listening” performance by Tomie Hahn & Noelle King, and a reading from High school students from The Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice in the class of English teacher Lauren Biggs.


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