This Week July 9-16

Le Petit Versailles
346 East Houston Street. between avenue b + c.
F/V train to Second Ave. J/M – Delancey Street 212 529 8815
Garden opens @ 7pm – Concert begins ~ 7:30pm.
JOIN US to welcome RUBY of the Romanteeks & West Coast traveler from Olympia, Washington and neighbor New Yorkers Amy Rachelle & BOS.

Ruby,Greta Ruby, performer extraordinaire makes her New York City debut singing songs of death from the land of love.

Singer/songwriter Amy Rachelle casts a spellbound ambiance with her thought provoking lyrics and soft to strong crooning vocals that stir the soul and beckon the body. The pulse rises and finds balance with the driving yet soulful guitar parts that are accentuated by the feel good percussion .  This acoustic set is sure to put a move in the hips, a smile on the lips, and possibly even set your spirits wanderlust free

ART TO DO THURSDAY – JULY 12 Opening 6 – 10pm.
Natura Morte 2 – paradise ili rajcica ili mints

Ljubica Stanivuk presents Natura Morte 2 – paradise ili rajcica ili mints.
“What is it defends her? Even from her own. Averts the intent gaze. Incriminates the dearly won. Forbids divining her. What but life ending. Hers. The other’s. But so otherwise. She needs nothing. Nothing utterable. Whereas the other. How need in the end? But how? How need in the end?” —
Samuel Beckett, Ill Seen Ill Said (1981)

Ljubica Stanivuk is an artist and art historian from ex-Yugoslavia, she lives in New York since 1986.
Natura Morte 2 – paradise ili rajcica ili mints installation challenges the viewer on ideas of food, famine, and homelessness.
Viewable 24 hours daily on the 2nd Street (247 East 2nd St.) side outside the garden gates July 12 – 15.


Ljubica Stanivuk, Untitled, 1998

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