UNCONTAINABLE GARDEN PARTY Closing Reception for Installation by Caitlin Rose Sweet

SEPTEMBER 3, 2017 @ 5PM


346 E. Houston St. / 247 E. 2nd St.


Please join us for the closing party of Uncontainable, a craft based installation by Caitlin Rose Sweet that explores the connections between ceramic vessels, queer bodily resistance, and feminine labor. Sweet’s ceramic work will be lifted out of the garden and placed into the hands of performers who will form a living fountain of fluid exchange in the celebration of emotional labor, pleasure, and interdependence. The fountain is performed by the team of babes: Luz Cruz, Lauren Lydiard, Vivian Crockett, Justine Kelly-Fierro, Luxe Fatale, Jessie Sue, Jenn Leyva, Nikki Padula, Carmel Brown, and Jennifer Vanilla.

Tucked away in the lush garden will be performances By John Michael Swartz, Carlo Maria and Connor Donahue, Miss West Vargina, B Dyson, Mayfield Brooks and boiled wool.

This magical moment will be sweetened by the confections of Vanessa Rae’s Glitter Sweet.

Come dressed in your finest sequins, highest drag, and hard florals.

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